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We Do - Marketing

Properties without tenants cost you money. We waste no time actively listing and showing your investment property.

We Do Maintenance

Our simple online system makes it easy to report a maintenance request. We monitor this system and act quickly to take care of property repairs. We use only trusted contractors to provide the best work at the best costs to you.

We Do Screening

Trustworthy tenants are hard to find. We take the time and expertise to screen prospective tenants before approving anyone for your residential property thoroughly.

We Do Collection

We manage every aspect of rent collection, from collecting rent to processing the payment and delivering funds to you.

We Do reporting

Know which properties are helping or hurting your bottom line. Let our reporting system show you how your property assets are performing monthly, quarterly, and annually.

We Do monitoring

You can’t watch every property all the time. But we can. Our security and property surveillance keeps an eye on your properties 24/7.

We Do Evictions

No one wants to make a tenant leave. But it happens. Let us be the bad guys when a tenant needs to be notified and forced to leave your single family home, townhouse or other property.

We Do automation

Automation = Efficiency and accuracy. No details, deadlines, next steps, or paperwork are missed along the way. It’s a seamless process from marketing your property to moving your new tenant in and getting you paid. But don’t worry, we’re still humans behind the efficiencies. With fewer manual details bogging us down, we provide the best customer service in the business.

We Do guidance

We are experts in  property management. Knowing the insurance and legal aspects of this business IS our business. Let us guide you from start to finish, even through the unexpected, when it comes to managing your rental.


Has your investment property become yet another job you didn’t ask for? Finding good tenants, vacancy, ongoing maintenance and low returns stressing you out? We can help! We currently provide property management in the Treasure Valley area and are adept at keeping vacancy rates low, providing ongoing maintenance, and helping clients build their real estate portfolios.